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NFT Metadata

All NFT metadata, both on-chain and off-chain.



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Retrieve NFT Metadata with Center

Retrieving and accurately classifying NFT metadata is a difficult problem. With varying (and ever-evolving) standards, on-chain and off-chain storage, and unpredictable reveals, it can feel like a full-time job just to make sure that the NFT metadata in your NFT application is correct and up-to-date.

Center can help with that. Let us worry about the details — you can simply query our API to retrieve the metadata for any NFT asset or collection. With Center, users can access NFT traits, rarity scores, media, and other important details instantly.

We’ve built systems to accurately capture both on-chain and off-chain metadata, meaning our users can get a complete picture of each NFT’s characteristics and properties. Combine this with our proprietary method for refreshing metadata after updates and reveals, and you get the most comprehensive and accurate NFT Metadata API on the market.

Range of endpoints tailored for a variety of use cases

We make it easy for our users to retrieve metadata in a variety of ways. Users can retrieve the full metadata for specific assets or collections by merely specifying an address and token ID using our getAsset, getAssets, or getCollection endpoints. For more specific use cases, we have dedicated endpoints that provide a list of collection traits (getAllTraitsForCollection), trait distributions (getAttributesForTraitsWithinACollection), and asset rarity scores (getAssetRarity).

Use Case: Retrieve metadata for BAYC #1