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NFT Rendering

Quickly render thumbnails of any NFT, or fetch the original.



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Easily render NFTs with Center

One of the most critical problems to solve when building an NFT application is fast and reliable NFT rendering. Most end-users consider this to be table stakes — they want to see their favorite NFTs, in the way they expect to see them, every single time. However, this can be a tricky problem for developers to solve given the plethora of edge cases, differing standards, and other technical challenges inherent in NFTs.

That’s where the Center comes in. We've done all the hard work, so you don't have to. Our NFT Rendering solution is powerful, reliable, and easy to use. We provide the highest quality media rendering available in the industry — we’re so obsessive about quality and performance that we render everything in-house without relying on any third parties. We also pre-render all assets, even before users request them. This means that media can be served instantly, without any lag or delay. With Center, you can rest assured that your media will be delivered with the highest quality, accuracy, and speed.

A variety of rendering options to fit any use case

Users can leverage a variety of endpoints to render NFT media. To retrieve a link to the Center CDN, users can either query getAsset / getAssets (which returns all metadata for specified assets, including a CDN link) or renderNFT directly (which returns a link to the CDN for a specified asset). These URLs allow for easy display of NFT media within applications. For some use cases, though, multiple round trips just won’t cut it. For these instances, we offer renderNftMedia, which renders media from our CDN directly (no intermediate URL retrieval required).

Media can be rendered in three different sizes. Users can leverage Center’s API to serve predictably sized thumbnails (either 200 x 200 or 1000 x 1000). Enterprise users can even retrieve the media in its original size and format. This means that you can get exactly what you need for any use case, without any compromise.

Use Case: Retrieve CDN URL for BAYC #1 (1000 x 1000 image)