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Retrieve ownership and transfer information with Center

One of the most fundamental, and important, pieces of information about an NFT is who owns it. Even though the blockchain provides a fully transparent way to track transfers, and thus ownership, of NFTs, it can still be difficult for NFT applications to stay up-to-date. Each new block must be parsed — transfers recorded and ownership updated — nearly instantaneously in order to provide a good experience for end-users.

Center can solve this problem. Our Ownership & Transfers API provides up-to-date ownership information based on the latest blocks. Our indexers are at the chaintip, and immediately record new transfers as soon as they happen.

Our endpoints are tailored for key use cases

Center’s Ownership and Transfer API can serve a variety of use cases. To view all assets owned by a particular wallet, users can query getAssetsOwnedByAnAccount. For applications requiring token gating, Center can provide a list of all asset owners for a particular collection via getAssetOwners. In addition to ownership information, Center can also show transfer history for assets via getTransfersOfAnAsset.

Use Case: Retrieve 10 NFTs owned by Vitalik.eth