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Streaming Notifications

Get notified about key events in real-time.



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Tracking events in real-time is important

In the fast-moving world of NFTs, it’s important to stay up-to-date. Assets are constantly minted, transferred, sold and burned. Listings are made and revoked, offers extended and pulled back.

To make sense of this complicated ecosystem, users often want to be notified in real-time when important events occur. Developers, for example, may want to trigger certain actions in their applications based on these events to create a more engaging and responsive experience for users. However, this can be a difficult feature to build — it requires constant monitoring of the blockchain and complex infrastructure.

Center makes it track important updates

With Center, builders can easily track real-time updates by simply subscribing to a notification stream. This makes it much easier to stay on top of the latest events without having to build any infrastructure in-house. Applications can simply subscribe to our notification stream via Web Socket and receive a constant stream of updates.

Use Case: Subscribe to notifications for NFT mints from Ethereum MFers collection