Agora uses Center to power best-in-class governance platform

How Center enables database access for governance data

The Challenge

Agora powers best-in-class governance platforms for top crypto protocols

Agora offers the best-in-class governance platform for crypto protocols, including Optimism, Nouns, ENS and Uniswap. To power this platform, Agora requires a significant amount of on-chain governance data.

Agora considered building data infrastructure in-house, but knew it would be difficult

Agora considered building the necessary indexing and database infrastructure in-house, but knew this would be complex, time-consuming and expensive. They looked at third-party solutions, but had stringent requirements around speed and flexibility.


Agora found Center — which was able to provide direct database access to the data it needs. That means the Agora team can write direct SQL queries on the data, which provide unmatched speed and flexibility. Agora benefits from:

  • Self-serve portal: Agora simply specifies the governance contracts that it cares about via a self-serve portal, and sees new tables populate in Postgres in seconds. New events are pulled into the database milliseconds after they land on chain.
  • Optimized database performance: Center optimizes database performance and speed, so that Agora doesn’t have to think about it. For tricky queries or unfamiliar data structures, the Center team provides support.
  • Direct database access: Agora has direct database access to tables that operate, effectively, as if they were indexing the data themselves without any of the operational overhead.