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NFT Orderbook Data

Bid and asks data for NFTs across major marketplaces.


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Accurately tracking bid and ask data is important

NFTs are constantly bought and sold. To facilitate this process, countless listings and bids are created daily. With the explosion in NFT activity over the last several years, and the increase in the number of marketplaces, compiling accurate and reliable orderbook data can be difficult. Developers face the daunting task of integrating with individual marketplaces, aggregating bid and ask data manually, tracking sales and cancellations, and ultimately ensuring that they create an accurate picture of this important part of the NFT world.

Center can help. Our Orderbook API allows users to retrieve bid and ask data for NFTs across major marketplaces — simply specify a collection or asset, and we will provide easy-to-use data aggregated from across marketplaces. Our users can focus on what they do best — whether that’s trading, analytics or some other cutting-edge application.

Center provides aggregated bid and ask data from major marketplaces

Center provides bid and ask data in a reliable format from major marketplaces:

Users can retrieve collection offers, asset-specific offers and even filter by order type.

Retrieve orders for BAYC #5 (Excluding collection offers)