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NFT Rendering

Quickly render thumbnails of any NFT, or fetch the original.


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Easily render NFTs with Center

One of the most critical problems to solve when building an NFT application is fast and reliable NFT rendering. Most end-users consider this to be table stakes — they want to see their favorite NFTs, in the way they expect to see them, every single time. However, this can be a tricky problem for developers to solve given the plethora of edge cases, differing standards, and other technical challenges inherent in NFTs.

That’s where the Center comes in. With our market-leading renderer, builders have access to:

  • Wide variety of media types: Show any media files associated with the NFT, including audio and video
  • Custom dimensions: Specify precise dimensions and we’ll render the media exactly as you want it
  • Predictable file types: Easily convert NFT media to .jpg, .png or .gif files on-the-fly

Best of all, with our predictable rendering URL schema it is straightforward to render any NFT — all you need is the contract address and token ID. No complicated CDN URLs or multi-step rendering workflows.

Safe rendering: Protect your users from malicious NFTs

Malicious NFTs have unfortunately become an attack vector for hackers looking to drain wallets. The precise attack can vary – but often take the form of a surprise airdrop. When users view the airdropped NFT, the NFT media triggers a pop-up prompting users to connect their wallet. If granted, hackers drain the user's wallet.

These types of attacks can be major problems for applications that allow users to view NFT media. With Center, you can protect your users from these attacks.

Simply specify a file type before rendering (.png, .jpg and .gif). We’ll rasterize the media to convert it to the desired file type, which will remove any malicious elements so that your end-users are protected.