Render NFT

Renders any media for an NFT in desired format

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Network ID
42 characters address with 0x prefix
Token ID
Token ID of the asset
This is used to describe how you would like the media rendered. This should be provided in the form “size.format”, where size can be a preset (small, medium, original) or dimensions in pixels (e.g., 200x200, 750x750) and format can be png, jpg or gif. Format is optional.
Media Path
The path to the desired media file. This is an optional parameter, and should be used to specify the desired media if multiple files exist. Default media file (often still image) will be rendered if no path is provided. Valid paths for an NFT can be found by querying the List NFT Media endpoint or metadata endpoints.
API Request
curl -X GET \ 
	/v2/ethereum-mainnet/0xed5af388653567af2f388e6224dc7c4b3241c544/nft/1/render/medium.webp \ 
	--header X-API-Key: test \ 
	-d '{}'
API Response