Shadowy tools for supercoders.

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How can Center help you?

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Track the latest Farcaster activity for prominent accounts

Check if a wallet contains a Pudgy Penguin

Track governance votes on Nouns

View all recent activity for wallets of interest

View WETH balances for any wallet

Your engineering team will love you

Save money

Engineers are expensive. Let them focus on building your app, not maintaining your indexer.

Simplify your life

We keep track of the latest standards and protocols so you don't have to. It just works.

Improve data quality

Never worry about edge cases or chain reorgs again. We obsess over accuracy so you don't have to.

Get to market faster

It can take months to build the data infrastructure you need. With Center, you can cut that time to minutes.

The most powerful data tools in crypto

A suite of tools providing unmatched flexibility, speed and accuracy

Custom data indexing to power your complex workflows

Any Source

EVM Contract
EVM Event Log
EVM NFT Contract
Offchain NFT Metadata
NFT Marketplace Data

Any Destination

Postgres Managed Database
Postgres Foreign Data Wrapper
Google BigQuery
Google Pubsub
CSV Download Link

New blocks are reflected in milliseconds, so you never fall behind.

As easy as a new table in Postgres, so you can start making SQL queries immediately.

Everything is available in a relational database, so you can link data from across sources with ease.

It's simple to get started

Create an account
Add smart contract addresses
Get a database URL
Start making SQL queries on the on-chain data

From the blockchain to your database in <60 seconds

Start making SQL queries on the on-chain data you need in minutes.