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Expanded NFT metadata coverage

We are passionate about providing the best coverage for NFT metadata

Over the past two weeks, we've successfully returned metadata for over 99% of requests.

But we wanted to get even better. So we took a look at the collections we failed to cover, and added support for these edge cases.

To put it concretely: If we served the same requests today that we did over the past two weeks, we would trigger over 70% fewer errors.

Let's look at some data from a real Center customer to see the impact

Over the past two weeks, they made over 200K requests and had an error rate of less than 1% overall.

Chart showing that a user had over 99% of NFT Metadata requests served successfully over the past two weeks

After this fix, we re-ran the exact same requests and found that over 75% of the errors they experienced would now be successful.

Chart showing that 76% of the errors the user got over the past two weeks would now be fixed

Try it in your app

The best part of this update? The improvements we made will apply to many other collections in the future, so you can count on improved coverage moving forward.

Give our NFT Metadata endpoint a try to add NFT metadata to your app with Center.