December 2023 Changelog

Trending endpoints, upgraded dashboard, performance improvements and more.

November 2023 Changelog

Expanded metadata coverage, more protocols, faster rendering and more.

Expanded NFT metadata coverage

Center now supports even more NFT edge cases

Sepolia, Goerli and Base fully supported on V2 endpoints

We're pleased to announce that our V2 endpoints now fully support Sepolia, Goerli, and Base (in addition to Ethereum-mainnet).

Full support for ERC1155 on search endpoint

You can now search for ERC1155 collections and NFTs using our search endpoint.

Full support for CryptoPunks on V2 endpoints

We fixed a bug with CryptoPunks that was preventing users from retrieving metadata or rendering.

Sort NFTs in wallets by floor price

It is now possible to sort the results in [Get NFTs Owned by Address]( by **floor price**.

Search supported on all V2 networks

Our Search API is now supported on all V2 networks - Ethereum, Base, Polygon, Optimism and Zora.

Retrieve collection volume on specific marketplaces

We now allow users to query for volume on specific marketplaces via our collection volume endpoint. You can simply pass a marketplace query parameter to get volume only from the specified marketplace. Check it out!

Filter collection trading volumes by marketplace

We added a marketplace parameter to our [collection volume]( endpoint that allows users to filter for volume from specific marketplaces. We support OpenSea and Blur so far, with more to come!

SVG re-sizing now fully supported on our V2 media renderer

We fixed a bug that was causing SVG re-sizing to fail in some cases. We now fully support re-sizing of SVG media.

Collection volumes now available

We shipped a brand new collection volume.

Additional fields added to Get NFT Metadata response

NFT Metadata updates including OpenSea verification and collection-level media.

Dedicated endpoint to refresh NFT metadata and media

You can now use our [Refresh NFT]( endpoint to manually request refreshes of NFT metadata and media!

Performance optimization made to Metadata endpoints that improves speed by 10x

Our [Show NFT Metadata]( and [Show NFT Metadata (Batched)]( endpoints are now much faster! We fixed a bug that was impacting performance in some cases. Give them a try!

All media paths added to "Show NFT Metadata" response

We have added an array called allMediaPaths to the [Show NFT Metadata]( response.

Center API V2 is now available

The Center API V2 is the next-generation NFT API — we took everything our users loved about V1 and built on it to create the fastest, most accurate and most powerful NFT API available anywhere.

Orderbook API

You can now use Center to retrieve bids and asks across OpenSea, X2Y2 and Looksrare. We will continue to add coverage and marketplaces in the coming months.

Bug fixed that was causing issues rendering some ERC721a collections

The [ERC721a]( standard is an updated version of the ERC721 standard. We fixed an issue with our V2 API that was causing an issue rendering these collections in some cases.

Zora mainnet fully supported on V2 endpoints

We have added support for Base Mainnet to the Center API V2! Give it a try [here](

NFTs Owned by Address response can now be sorted by block number

We're pleased to announce that our NFTs Owned by Address response can now be sorted by the block number that the NFT was received.

V2 renderer fully supports re-sizing of SVG files

We fixed a bug in our V2 renderer that was causing SVG re-sizing to fail in some cases. We now fully support re-sizing of SVG files!

Batched NFT Metadata endpoint now available

We're pleased to share that we have shipped an endpoint that allows users to request key information (metadata, ownership, media, etc.) for up to 100 NFTs at once. Check it out [here]( has replaced

We have unified and into one site at [](

NFT media properly categorized

We've improved the way we categorize NFT media in our [List Media]( and [NFT Metadata]( responses.

Audio and video supported on V2 renderer

Center now supports rendering audio and video NFTs! Simply specify original as the filename and the appropriate mediaPath (typically animation_url). We'll do the rest.

Hidden field added to metadata response

We added a new field, `hidden`, to our [NFT metadata]( response.

Welcome to the Center Changelog

Welcome to our Changelog! You can come to this page (or subscribe to our RSS feed) to receive regular product updates. Suggestions for new features? [Let us know]( or email us at [](

Manually refresh entire NFT collections

We exposed an endpoint that lets users manually refresh the metadata and media for entire NFT collections.

Maintain original aspect ratio of NFT media

We shipped an update to our renderer that maintains the original aspect ratio of NFT media, within the bounds of the dimensions you request.