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November 2023 Changelog

Read on to learn about expanded metadata coverage, how we are "showing" vs. "telling" on our website, support for new protocols (like Uniswap), and faster NFT rendering.

As always, reach out to support@center.app if you have any questions or feedback. Happy building!

Expanded metadata coverage

We are passionate about providing the best metadata coverage. We already successfully returned metadata for over 99% of user requests last month, but spent time expanding our coverage further.

Chart showing that a user had over 99% of NFT Metadata requests served successfully over the past two weeks

The result? We would trigger over 70% fewer errors today than we did last month:

Chart showing that 76% of the errors the user got over the past two weeks would now be fixed

Learn more here or check out our metadata endpoint.

Show, not tell

We strongly believe in the power of showing, rather than telling.

That's why we re-built our website so that you can see all of our APIs in action. Check it out:

Some examples: Render an NFT, view NFTs in a wallet, view friend.tech trades.

Learn more here.

More protocols supported

We continue to expand the number of protocols we support. This month, we added support for many Uniswap events (e.g., view all pool created events.

Need data from a particular protocol? Let us know.

Faster rendering

We are committed to providing the best-in-class solution for rendering NFTs. This month, we greatly improved the speed for top collections.

Don't just take our word for it: check out our renderer in action, or read the docs for more information.

Questions or feedback?

Reach out to support@center.app or schedule time directly with our team.

You can always check out our Changelog to see the latest things we are shipping.