Tribute Labs trusts Center to power its complex data needs

How Tribute Labs uses Center to access critical real-time data for their DAO ecosystem

The Challenge

Tribute Labs supports a vast ecosystem of DAOs with complex data needs

Tribute Labs powers an extensive network of DAOs — with over 1,000 members, 620 projects supported and 22K+ NFTs collected. To make decisions effectively, they need to be able to access accurate data in real-time. This includes collection volumes, market data, orderbook data, metadata and more.

Time-consuming and difficult to build data retrieval services in-house

Tribute Labs considered building these services in-house, but quickly realized that it would take significant engineering time and resources. This would slow down their product development cycle and make them less effective in supporting their network.


Tribute Labs found Center and quickly realized that Center could provide the data they needed. Center’s wide range of endpoints meant that Tribute Labs didn’t need to piece together data services from multiple third party providers or build data services in-house — they could rely on Center as a one-stop-shop for NFT data. Thanks to the flexibility of Center’s data structures, they were able to seamlessly integrate the API with their existing systems:

  • NFT Floor Prices: Floor prices are very important for Tribute Labs — and Center provides real-time prices across key chains.
  • NFT Trading Volume: Center provides real-time trading volume across a range of time periods.
  • NFT Market Cap: Center provides real-time NFT collection market caps.
  • NFT Metadata: Tribute Labs can retrieve all metadata associated with any NFT using Center, including traits, rarity, verification flags, descriptions, social links, and more.
  • NFT Collection Metadata: Tribute Labs gets collection-level metadata using the Center API, including name, symbol, media and descriptions.
  • NFT Search: Center’s Search endpoint means Tribute Labs can easily add powerful NFT search functionality to their ecosystem.

On top of that, Center’s emphasis on real-time data accuracy means that Tribute Labs can make decisions much faster than they ever could before. They also appreciate Center’s exceptional customer support — with custom requests and inquiries promptly addressed.


  • 15 hours of development time saved per week on data retrieval
  • Notable acceleration in product development cycle — with new features shipping in as little as three days
  • Rapid response times for key data points, including <50ms p95 response time for market data endpoints
  • Plans to integrate even more deeply with Center to implement advanced features and functionality