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Thu Sep 21 2023


NFT Asset Search now supported

You can now add NFT asset search to your application with Center.
Our NFT Search endpoint now supports both asset and collection search. By default, responses will include both assets and collections. You can filter for specific result types using the optional type query parameter.
Learn more in our blog here.

Tue Sep 19 2023


Full support for ERC1155 on search endpoint

You can now search for ERC1155 collections and NFTs using our search endpoint.
We also added:
  1. A new response field, contractType, that indicates the contract type for the collection (ERC1155 vs. ERC721)
  1. A new query parameter, contractType, that lets you filter for specific contract types before you search

Wed Sep 13 2023


View transfer history for any NFT

You can now retrieve any NFT transfer with Center.
Using our new List NFT Transfers endpoint, you can view the entire transfer history of any NFT.
Check out an example for Nouns #545:
notion image

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